Essential Oils

Have you been wanting to add essential oils into your home but don't know where to start? 
I have been there, there are so many.. how do you choose? 

I am happy to have found Young Living essential oils & love their wide variety of household items for cleaning, laundry, personal care and even makeup ! Oils can be used for a variety of things such as.. wound care, digestion, emotional support, tension easing, cleaning, antibacterial, acne, bug spray, bug bites and perfume to name a few. And about that last one, perfume... yes you can even learn to make your own perfume, its so fun ! 

Please follow our essential oils page on Instagram @LoveLavenderMagic and feel free to direct message the page with any questions you have about oils, becoming a young living member to take advantage of wholesale benefits or to join my team ! 

I have been very pleased with every product I have received from young living from diffusers to oils and my absolute favorite - their Thieves toothpaste !
To sign up for wholesale you will need to purchase a one time starter kit, it includes all of the amazing oils in the photo below as well as a diffuser and a few other goodies ! When you sign up for wholesale there is no monthly commitment.

If you are ready to purchase oils wholesale or retail & would like to join my team use the link below :

go to and make sure to use the enroller ID#12889225

Finally, I have added some more useful and fun info below. Enjoy!