UNDERSTANDING CHAKRAS book // shipping included
UNDERSTANDING CHAKRAS book // shipping included

UNDERSTANDING CHAKRAS book // shipping included

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The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Chakras


I’ve devoted an entire chapter in this book to understanding the subtle body system. If there’s a chapter that you dedicate yourself to reading fully, let it be chapter 1. When you have a deep understanding of the subtle body system, working with the chakras will be more meaningful. After you read the first chapter, you can read the entire book from cover to cover, but you may feel called to jump around from chakra to chakra. Either option is fine.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve included both traditional Hindu and modern Western information on each chakra. Honor what feels good and right to you. If you feel called to dive deeper into the teachings of Hinduism and explore the goddesses and gods associated with each chakra, I encourage you to do the research. If you feel content with the modern meanings, that is okay, too.

Benefits of Working with the Chakra System


  • You will become the conscious observer of your life and have a better understanding of your purpose on earth.



  • You will increase your intuitive abilities and find deep peace.



  • You will learn how to speak openly and honestly to propel the human species into higher states of being.



  • You will experience a greater sense of love for yourself and others.



  • You will access an internal fire of energy and strength to transform your life for the better.



  • You will learn how to flow through the ups and downs of life with ease and access more pleasure.



  • You will decrease your anxiety and fears through a powerful sense of safety.


Extrasensory Perceptions

  • Clairvoyance: Clear seeing
  • Clairaudience: Clear hearing
  • Clairsentience: Clear feeling
  • Clairtangency: Clear touching
  • Claircognizance: Clear knowing